Historic Routt County

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We connect yesterday’s places with tomorrow.

Historic Routt County is an award-winning, nationally-recognized nonprofit historic preservation organization with a mission to preserve and to promote the historic character of Routt County communities and rural areas by saving the places that tell the story of our county and its people. Historic Routt County directly protects historic places through its programs: Preservation Projects, Historic Designation and Documentation, Advocacy, Education and Community Engagement, and Stewardship.

According to the National Park Service, historic preservation is “a conversation with our past about our future.” We agree. Historic Routt County seeks to bring the past, the present and the future together under one roof to tell the story of who we were, who we are, and who we can be.

This, to us, is historic preservation.


“The preservation of [our] irreplaceable heritage is in the public interest so that its vital legacy of cultural, educational, aesthetic, inspirational, economic, and energy benefits will be maintained and enriched for future generations of Americans.”

Title 1, Section 1(b)(4) of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966


Current Projects