Rehder Ranch

The Rehder Ranch, located in Pleasant Valley approximately 12 miles south of Steamboat Springs, is a perfect example of how community partnerships can sustain the parting wishes of one of Routt County’s most impressive and memorable families, Helen and Henry Rehder. Yampa Valley Land Trust (YVLT) has embraced partnerships with other organizations in the Yampa Valley, such as Historic Routt County, Yampatika, state universities, Colorado Division Wildlife and the Colorado Natural Heritage Program to ensure that the Rehder Ranch’s inherent qualities as a nature preserve always remain.

The Rehder Ranch is an icon in Northwest Colorado’s settlement history and a contributing legacy to the cultural landscape of the greater Yampa River Basin.   Homesteaded first in the early 1900’s, the Ranch is now owned by Yampa Valley Land Trust (YVLT) with a conservation easement on the property held by The Nature Conservancy.

HRC was a proud partner with YVLT on the Rehder Ranch Bank Barn Structural Rehabilitation Project. The accomplished goals for work on the Bank Barn included: (1) prevent further deterioration and/or collapse of the side stall roof structure, which was threatened/impacted by heavy snow loads; (2) resolve the drainage issues that may have been compromising the structure’s foundation walls; (3) exclude from the structure and address any health and safety issues posed by bats. This project was paid for in part by generous grants from the State Historical Fund of History Colorado, the Colorado Historical Society and the National Trust for Historic Preservation Peter Grant Fund.

Historical Significance:  Harry Rehder immigrated to Colorado from Lubeck, Germany in 1893 and homesteaded this land along Harrison Creek and up Bald Mountain.  Henry, one of Harry’s sons, and his wife Helen were owners of this 250-acre parcel from 1930 to Helen’s passing in 2004. What began as a pioneer homestead for the Rehder family at the beginning of the twentieth century transformed into a viable working ranch with permanent buildings, both residential and agricultural. The 250-acre Rehder Ranch was bequeathed to YVLT by Helen Rehder upon her death on May 9, 2004.  The transfer of the property to YVLT from the Estate was finalized in April of 2009.