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Yock Cabin
Built at the turn of the century, the Yock Family Homestead is a part of the iconic More Barn park. Together the Cabin and the barn served as a dairy farm for the valley.
Summit Creek Ranger Station
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall
Steamboat Springs Depot
Steamboat Laundry Building
Solandt Memorial Hospital
Routt County National Bank Building
Rock Creek Stage Station
Rehder Ranch
An icon in Northwest Colorado’s settlement history, Rehder ranch and affiliated properties tell the story of homesteading on an isolated frontier. Herbert Happel applied for his homestead in 1914. Later selling it to the Rehder brothers as a hunting lodge, the family has continuously lived on and added to the property for over 90 years. In 2009, the Rehder family gifted the ranch as a museum and the land as a nature preserve.
Perry-Mansfield School of Theatre and Dance
Mesa Schoolhouse
Maxwell Building
Mad Creek Barn
Built in 1905, James (Harry) Ratliff in the old pioneer style, Harry was opposed to the formation of the forrest service and the stringent rules that followed. In order to gain ranchers' support, Harry was appointed Forrest Guard. After learning about the Forrest Service's Mission, he supported the conservation of federal and public lands and made significant progress towards achieving that goal, including limiting cattle grazing and timber cutting.
Hayden Rooming House
Hayden Depot
Hayden Co-Operative Elevator Company
Hahns Peak Schoolhouse
Hahns Peak Lookout
Hahns Peak Lookout was constructed by the forrest service between 1908-1912. It served as a fire lookout until the early 1950's. This lookout was a part of a network of lookouts to pinpoint exact fire locations. In the 1940's it was repurposed as a national security to watch the skies for fighter jets during World War II.
Foidel Canyon Schoolhouse:
Built in 1925 by local residents, this school served Hayden, Oak Creek, and Steamboat Springs, where children rode horses and skis to get there.The school operated until 1957. Falling into disrepair in the late 20th century, it was listed on the national register of historic places in 1983.
First National Bank Building
Diamond Window Cabin:
Built in the early 1900s, this isolated cabin was the located in Stagecoach where horse drawn stagecoaches and wagons made the three-day trip from the railroad station at Wolcott through Yampa to Steamboat Springs from the late 1880s through 1909, before the Moffat Railroad began to provide passenger and freight service to the county.
Crossans M & A Market
Built in 1903, Crossans M & A Market served Yampa as a general store for 61 years. More than a market, a general merchandise store was an important social hub as well. Cowboys, sheepherders, preachers, lawyers, housewives and school teachers all gathered at the store. It was a place where a cowboy could find a woman to take to the dance.
Crawford House
Established in 1881 to house miners at nearby Hahns Peak, this historic town had post office, a store, a coroner, and a Justice of the Peace. It soon became a popular stopping point for those passing through, including cattle and sheepmen, miners, loggers, hunters, fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts. Built in pioneer log and rustic style, the village is still used to house recreational visitors today
Clark Schoolhouse
Built in 1915, it operated as an elementary school until 1961, at which Clark was absorbed into the Steamboat Springs School system, despite local opposition. When first operating, one teacher lived in the nearby teacherage and taught all students. The school also functioned as a community gathering center, hosting meetings, celebrations, 4-H events, among other gatherings.
Christian Science Society Building
Chamber of Commerce Building
Carpenter Ranch
Bell Mercantile
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Beall
Antlers Cafe and Bar
Built as saloon adjacent to the Antler’s hotel circa 1905, The Antler’s Cafe and Bar has long been a community gathering place. It became a pool hall during prohibition then converted back into bar in the 1930’s with a back room for gambling until gambling was outlawed.

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